Yahoo chat retards
Description definitely helps

immeuare947: what size tits do you have?
nerdy_danish_girl: ones that fit in my bra
immeuare947: that works could you be more descriptive by chance
nerdy_danish_girl: ones that fit within the confines of the cotton brassiere I am currently wearing

Dutch and Danish are one in the same, apparently

pearlnecklace2008: yes i did read your profile
nerdy_danish_girl: congrats!
pearlnecklace2008: wow  you were quick there
pearlnecklace2008: lol
nerdy_danish_girl: was I?
pearlnecklace2008: u was and u did it again lol
nerdy_danish_girl: what?
pearlnecklace2008: actually read profile last night
pearlnecklace2008: something about ur a good girl  
nerdy_danish_girl: what’s a good girl?
nerdy_danish_girl: learn english
pearlnecklace2008: well dont think you would like the answer  lol
pearlnecklace2008: i know how to spell your and all other english words
nerdy_danish_girl: do you now?
pearlnecklace2008: oh yea   good girls swallow   lmao    thats laugh my ass off 
nerdy_danish_girl: I know the abbreviations\
pearlnecklace2008: well didnt want you to think i was iliiterate   or of color  lol
nerdy_danish_girl: You haven’t proven illiteracy
nerdy_danish_girl: why would I care if you’re of colour?
pearlnecklace2008: thats   COLOR  honey
pearlnecklace2008: learn english
nerdy_danish_girl: Noun

colour (countable and uncountable; plural colours) (Australia, New Zealand, British)

    (uncountable) The spectral composition of visible light

        Humans and birds can perceive colour.

    (countable) A particular set of visible spectral compositions, perceived or named as a class; blee.

        Most languages have names for the colours black, white, red, and green.

    (uncountable) Hue as opposed to achromatic colours (black, white and greys).

        He referred to the white flag as one “drained of all colour”.

    (uncountable) Human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity.

        Colour has been a sensitive issue in many societies.

    (figuratively) Interest, especially in a selective area.

nerdy_danish_girl: Keep grasping at straws
pearlnecklace2008: maybe that spelling in nerdy  dutch girl but its not here
nerdy_danish_girl: who’s dutch?
pearlnecklace2008: not so fun when your called stupid is it
nerdy_danish_girl: you’re*
pearlnecklace2008: oh check spelling  of   nerdy bitch  did i get it right
nerdy_danish_girl: you’ve screwed up the spelling of an American-centric word…
nerdy_danish_girl: messed up my ethnicity, despite it being in my name
nerdy_danish_girl: and you can’t tell which “your/you’re” to use

English majors…

rocksolid148: are you going to come back to the states soon
euro_girl_abroad: back to the states?
rocksolid148: To the united states
euro_girl_abroad: what are you referring to?
rocksolid148: A country?
euro_girl_abroad: no, as in “back to the united states”
euro_girl_abroad: need to have gone there… ever to go back
rocksolid148: well yeah forgive me for prejudice
euro_girl_abroad: not to worry
euro_girl_abroad: and I’m in Canada
euro_girl_abroad: originally FROM europe
euro_girl_abroad: but hey, according to you everyone is from the US
rocksolid148: No now you’re prejudice is just asinine. According to me i merely pre judge that you have BEEN to the United States. Not from not here now. But not to worry. I couldn’ care less either way.
euro_girl_abroad: that’s adorable… you trying to turn your ignorance on me
rocksolid148: I’m not turning anything only. Merely stating facts. You out to try it
euro_girl_abroad: “I out to try it”
euro_girl_abroad: right\
rocksolid148: right
rocksolid148: So what makes you such a fucking expert on someone else’s mistakes.
euro_girl_abroad: usually other people making mistakes
rocksolid148: Like you don’t?
rocksolid148: I just helped you
euro_girl_abroad: Did you now?
rocksolid148: Stick to the drawing board cause your grammar checking skills are a bit slurred.
euro_girl_abroad: with your limited grasp on the english language?
euro_girl_abroad: “you *ought* to try it” is the proper syntax
rocksolid148: What is your knowledge of th English language
rocksolid148: where did you recieve your english degree?
euro_girl_abroad: clearly more extensive than yours
rocksolid148: You probably don’t even have one
rocksolid148: Reading the back of a cereal cartoon doesn’t qualify you.
rocksolid148: Touche more extensive things to do than argue with a 27 year old blond euro bitch. With the education of a five year old.
euro_girl_abroad: No now you’re prejudice is just asinine. According to me i merely *pre-dispose* that you have BEEN to the United States. (what? —->) Not from not here now. But not to worry. *I couldn’t* care less either way.
euro_girl_abroad: Fixed your rant for you
euro_girl_abroad: You have an English degree?
rocksolid148: But you can kiss my intelligent ass.
euro_girl_abroad: rocksolid148: Touche more extensive things to do… <—- now what are you trying to convey here?
rocksolid148: Lol clearly you’re so smart at prejudging what i am ‘trying’ to convey, figure it out. Miss english whiz.
euro_girl_abroad: this is going on yahoo-chat-retards.tumblr
rocksolid148: You should post your own rants up there, on lonely desperate housewives tumblr
euro_girl_abroad: this is gold. thank you
rocksolid148: this is not gold, but if it makes you feel better about your own misfortunes i’m glad i could ease your sorrowrocksolid148: get a life, all these shitty ass hollier-than-thou post you have of people on yahoo where the hell do you get off thinking you’re so much better than I am, you can’t even comprehend a basic english word of prejudice, got nothing better to do than try and maximize someone else’s mistakes, that’s radiating confidence, get your head out of your ass.
rocksolid148: ignored
euro_girl_abroad: hollier-than-thou? season’s greetings

Horny guy thinking with the wrong head

sexyandhornyman: hi there
sexyandhornyman: how are you
arabgirlwithattitude: nice name
arabgirlwithattitude: pass
sexyandhornyman: talk to me
arabgirlwithattitude: I said “pass”

sexyandhornyman: y?
arabgirlwithattitude: now you can’t type full words
sexyandhornyman: sure i can
sexyandhornyman: but u get the meaning
sexyandhornyman: or are you to dumb
arabgirlwithattitude: too dumb*
arabgirlwithattitude: no irony there
sexyandhornyman: i know being arab its almost a given
arabgirlwithattitude: this is going on yahoo-chat-retards.tumblr
sexyandhornyman: im sure most of your convos are there
arabgirlwithattitude: nah, but this one is

greatness12111211: F?
lil_russian_smartass: my grades usually floated around A through A+
greatness12111211: show me your face
lil_russian_smartass: don’t know what a face is?
greatness12111211: give me your picture betch
lil_russian_smartass: what’s a “betch”?
greatness12111211: a dum ho lik u
lil_russian_smartass: you spelled 2 words of those 5… with a 4 letter maximum… correct
greatness12111211: shut up
greatness12111211: gud u know how to count betch
lil_russian_smartass: do you speak english?
greatness12111211: no i dent betch
lil_russian_smartass: great
greatness12111211: shet up taliban ho
greatness12111211: dent buther piglet
lil_russian_smartass: dent?
greatness12111211: do you understand how to read?
lil_russian_smartass: yes, do you understand how to write?
greatness12111211: na
greatness12111211: naw if u understand hew to red then dent ax questions fat ho
lil_russian_smartass: hew to red?
greatness12111211: yed stuped ho
lil_russian_smartass: you’ll be famous
greatness12111211: im alredy famus
lil_russian_smartass: honey boo-boo?
greatness12111211: u wetch shyte like that dung hole shyte
lil_russian_smartass: can I get a translator?
greatness12111211: yez, tranzlayte frm smort to stuped
lil_russian_smartass: smort?
greatness12111211: yez stuped betch
greatness12111211: u is a stuped betch
greatness12111211 is typing…
greatness12111211: sos u needz a translyator frm smert to stuped

English Language Abuser

abusiveslutuser: wana hear what daddy needs you to do for him?
little_southern_tease: his taxes?
abusiveslutuser: not quiet
little_southern_tease: loud taxes?

Locked doors isolate more sound than unlocked. Wow listne..i’d like to do a voice flirt..adn with some privacy at your end. here for a sensual please let me knowif you’re game too.
girl_who_hates_typespeak: I wouldn’t
girl_who_hates_typespeak: since I have friends one room over hmmm..ok so..if you lockl the door, wouldnt that lend you some time of privacy?
girl_who_hates_typespeak: locking the door = prevents sound?
girl_who_hates_typespeak: wow yes, it does act a significant sound barrier *as a
girl_who_hates_typespeak: so…
girl_who_hates_typespeak: a shut door
girl_who_hates_typespeak: locked… is more soundproof than unlocked my insinuation of locked door was the act of closing and then locking it but if i have to explain every little thing this way, the most we’d get is a brief amount of education being imparted from my end..
girl_who_hates_typespeak: so… a tiny little bolt… blocks so much more?!?
girl_who_hates_typespeak: wow sweetie., get back to me when you’re more a woman..and less a machine (and pls, try 2 comprehend sumthin 1ce in a while!) - and can decode the content in brackets.
girl_who_hates_typespeak: explain the physics, sorry
girl_who_hates_typespeak: I’m generally intrigued yawn. my perception of you keeps oscillating between a 40 yr old and a 10 yr old tata.. im here for a good time with a woman.. so.. as i me when you beocme one.
girl_who_hates_typespeak: so a locked door has more sound isolation than an unlocked door… when shut regardless?
girl_who_hates_typespeak: let me get that right please scroll up and read on my insinuation on the “locking” act

Gorilla getting trolled

pagorilla: dom m 51 care to chat
girl_with_uninspiring_username: hi dominic
pagorilla: im dominant
girl_with_uninspiring_username: your name is dominant? your parents must’ve hated you
pagorilla: meaning i like to control
girl_with_uninspiring_username: that’s your name’s meaning? what is that? french?
pagorilla: my name is mike
girl_with_uninspiring_username: your name just keeps changing now, doesn’t it?
pagorilla: your fucking stupid bye
girl_with_uninspiring_username: you’re*

Wow… just…

girl_who_hates_typespeak: congratulations
rapedhousewife: Huh?
girl_who_hates_typespeak: you’ve officially got the most terrible username I’ve seen on yahoo… and I’ve seen some pretty fucked up usernames
rapedhousewife: Awesome.
girl_who_hates_typespeak: you should check out a women’s crisis center sometime
girl_who_hates_typespeak: the notion of rape may not seem to rosey
rapedhousewife: That’s a nice assumption.
girl_who_hates_typespeak: an assumption? explain
rapedhousewife: What, you’re not smart enough to realize your own assumptions? You’re assuming I don’t know anything about rape - it’s implicit in your statement.
rapedhousewife: Maybe if you spent as much time studying, as pestering people online, you would know that.
rapedhousewife: Peace.
girl_who_hates_typespeak: Well isn’t that adorable
girl_who_hates_typespeak: I just hope you or anyone you know never has to experience rape
girl_who_hates_typespeak: Maybe then you won’t use it as a device to “get off”

Loves himself?

flying.fishfood: hello  how are you?
flying.fishfood: have you heard the new rule yahoo is enforcing?
little_miss_minimalist: i’m likely breaking it
flying.fishfood: lol
flying.fishfood: its pretty cool.. it states that if you are chatting with a guy who has a nicer cock than your bf’s then you have to have a nice polite chat with him..
little_miss_minimalist: I need a bf first
little_miss_minimalist: so way to beat a goal of nil
flying.fishfood: haha well it goes on to say that if you are single your exstra polite and nice..
flying.fishfood: i am just trying to make you laugh anyways lol
little_miss_minimalist: you’re*, you mean?
flying.fishfood: haha
flying.fishfood: you’re*
little_miss_minimalist: there ya go
flying.fishfood: thanks lol
little_miss_minimalist: always glad to assist
flying.fishfood: yeah so its cool because its are lil secret.. plus i only win a polite chat
little_miss_minimalist: you mean “our” lil secret?
flying.fishfood: yes our* thanks again lol
flying.fishfood: what would i do without you
flying.fishfood: have we chatted?
little_miss_minimalist: probably spell?
flying.fishfood: spell crappy
flying.fishfood: you’re some kind of spelling nazi though so that helps me a bit
little_miss_minimalist: i’m more of a spell KGB agent
flying.fishfood: Killer Green Bud?
flying.fishfood: lol jk
little_miss_minimalist: uh sure! why not?!
flying.fishfood: just pretend we are at a party and i took you into a back room after telling you the rule lol
little_miss_minimalist: yeah…. no
flying.fishfood: lol no worries..

little_miss_minimalist: cocks aren’t beautiful
flying.fishfood: mine is.. most are not you are right
little_miss_minimalist: so you jack off to the image of your own penis?
little_miss_minimalist: wow. you take masturbation to a whole new level